In-House Brewed Craft Beer

#1 See You In Helles

4.7% ABV | 17 IBU

#2 Palomino
Pale Ale

5.1% ABV | 30 IBU

#3 Parlor Tricks
India Pale Ale

6.4% ABV | 20 IBU

#4 Pinkerton Sour
tart wheat ale w/ pink guava & peach

4.8% ABV | 10 IBU

#5 Billy The Kolsch

4.7% ABV | 19 IBU

#6 Black Sunday

5.0% ABV | 16 IBU

#7 Troubadour

5.8% ABV | 26 IBU

#8 Fame & Fortune

6.3% ABV | 50 IBU

#9 Midnight Run
porter (nitro option)

5.0% ABV | 20 IBU

Crafted Cocktails

Pom Selleck

2 oz Teremana Blanco tequila, pomegranate molasses & fresh rosemary

Old Fashioned

A burnt orange and cherry twist on Properman’s favourite. 2 oz Woodford bourbon, muddled with orange & cherry, dash of bitters, & topped with a burnt marshmellow to induldge

The Sagebrush

2oz Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey, fresh OJ, fresh sage

Chai Noon

1.5 oz Tito’s, .5 oz Kahlua, mixed with a delicious chai syrup

The Good, The Bad & The Nutty

For that whiskey sour fan, indulge in this “nutty” cocktail. 1 oz Frangelico, 1 oz Elijah Craig Bourbon Whiskey, egg whites, fresh lemon & walnut bitters

Whiskey Maple 'Pick Me Up'

A coffee cocktail that is sweet, boozy and the perfect drink to pick you up! 1 oz Carolans, 1 oz Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey, maple syrup, coldbrew and whip!

Smokeshow Caesar

Country style caesar with a Smokeshow flare! 2 oz Tito’s vodka pickle juice, housemade Smokeshow BBQ sauce, a perfectly spiced rim, topped with two of our house pickled asparagus

JPC Wine Selection

Pinky Blinders Rosé
Crown & Thieves

Pinot Noir & Gamay blend

Gobsmacked Sparkling Bobbly
The Hatch

Roussanne, Chardonnay & Pinot Gris

Ross O
the hatch

Pinot Noir & Merlot Blend

The Winemakers Wench

Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer, & Riesling based

Hand Made Ciders

Baptism by Firetruck
Truck 59 & the hatch

Medium-Dry Apple Cider

Rotating Seasonal
Truck 59

Fresh apple cider that changes regularly